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Rihanna Inspired Gladiator Shoes

If only we were as confident and bold as Bad Gal RiRi, we would be a shopaholic queen by now. Yet, the reality hits us so hard because we are not her, and we cannot just simply risk our savings by popping in the high-end designer stores before the end of the month. In fact, "I'm broke" might be the quote for a few months afterward. However, we are able to achieve Rihanna's 'rad look' with a snap of a finger. Here at Villains SF, we are inspired by this superstar not only her music, but fashion taste also. No matter what she wears, from the red carpet to the casual #OOTD in New York, everything looks on fleek! However, we are having a crush on her shoe style at the moment. Back to Spring/Summer 2015, the gladiator footwear was very popular among fashionistas and bloggers as we could see it all over Instagram. Do you like this trend in 2016? WE ARE STILL IN LOVE!

How to wear gladiator shoes like Rihanna?

1.) Mix and match with the over-sized tee. Easy as it sounds, this look is the 'to-go' outfit for many Hollywood celebrities. Just grab a piece of your boyfriend checked shirt or XL printed T-shirt, and pair with the shoes. Either wedges or sandals are fine. If you want it to be sexy, match the look with the gladiator heels instead. Either beige or black is fine. Too boring? Why not pairing with a studded design or rowdy snake printed high-knee heels

2. ) Play the look with the shorts. We know California dreamin' is real, but who would have thought that we can get tanned so quick in Bangkok, Thailand too! Shorts are one of the most must have items because the weather can be insanely hot in a summer. If you are from abroad, you may like the sun over here. If you are a Bangkokian, we prefer to stay indoor somewhere to stay cool...So, the best advice is to wear shorts with the gladiator sandals. So cool and trendy!

3. ) Dress and heels are the best for a night out option. Going for a crazy party with your friends or fashion night out with bestie? No problem! These  shoes can be the right selection. 

Just try, you will love it! 


we think the shoes are suitable for everyone, however, the gladiator high-knee sandals might not be a perfect match for a short person (if you don't want to look shorter!). try the ankle strap gladiator sandals instead!

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