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Jeffrey Campbell shoes on VIVI magazine.

Our Jeffrey Campbell Shoes: on VIVI, April 2012.

It may help you to get an idea how to dress up yourself with our shoes.

Outlook Brown Pink by Jeffrey Campbell now at Special price: THB 2,793.00

Prospector Woven Black Tan by Jeffrey Campbell at THB 3,590.00

Rock-Play Taupe Suede by Jeffrey Campbell at THB 4,590.00

El-Carmen Blue Suede by Jeffrey Campbell at THB 4,590.00

Posted by: Villains SF Team for online shopping

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Coachella: Lindsay Lohan in Lita-Mac

The Coachella festival is always one to look forward to with celebrities strutting left and right in the coolest festival styles. It's always good to keep an eye out on the trends spotted at the event and definitely to see which Jeffrey Campbell styles are flaunted around the stages. The first Coachella event of 2012 was held in California last week, lets see who danced in Jeffrey Campbells...

We already spotted Lindsay Lohan wearing the Ivory Crochet Lita-Mac styled with a cute mini-crochet dress, dress-shirt wrapped around the hips, aviators, bangles and an adorable little mint green purse. Do you love her look as much as we do?

Lindsay decided to change up her look and go for yellow wayfarers instead of the aviators she initially wore, what do you think? Do you prefer the classic aviators or the trendy bright wayfarers?

Wishing you all a great Monday!

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NEW: Kelsey by Jeffrey Campbell

Sexy. Unique. Dangerous. Fierce. Hot. Fashion-forward. Cool. Amazing. Daring. Edgy. Stylish. Crazy. Fearless. Fun. Famous. Diva. Provocative. Avant-Garde. Dark. Tall. Mysterious. 

These are only some words that could be used to describe the hottest new style by Jeffrey Campbell that has just arrived at VillainsSF.
Are there any other descriptive words you could suggest?

If you love them as much as we do get yours NOW, before they are all gone!!!
Kelsey is also featured on our official website:

Happy Songkran to everyone!!!


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How to Style: Cleata


Audrey is the latest addition to the Lita signature boot by Jeffrey Campbell available at VillainsSF! This shoe is adorable in every way and can be styled for any occasion, whether casual, career or even partying. With the clear detail along the sides of the boot it is recommended that you pair your looks with cute socks to accentuate the shoe feature. The sock accessorizing makes Audrey Lita look like a brand new shoe with each different pattern or color you choose. Do not wait long to be an owner of this hot new style, shop now at:

How to Style: Party-2


Party-2 by villainssf

The summer is all about being fun and fresh, and the new Party-2 by Jeffrey Campbell is exactly that! This strappy heel is perfect for fashionistas who love color combinations. The clear heel is almost invisible, making it look as if you are walking on a rainbow! These shoes can be styled with colorful items to go all out with the summer fun theme or even dressed with monotone shades to calm it down a notch. Get your color fix now at

How to Style: Night Lita

Night Lita

If you can't get enough of Jeffrey Campbell's Lita boots and are completely crazy about the sole-less heel trend then grab the Night Lita to vamp up your wardrobe now! These hybrid shoes are perfect for the fearless, fierce fashionista who loves turning heads. This style can be dressed up and down according to your every mood, adding the diva factor to any look. Night Lita is available now at VillainsSF!

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Villains SF: Available now!! Pre-Order Jeffrey Campbell !!!

Pre-Order รองเท้า Jeffrey Campbell เปิดแล้ว !!! ปิดรับ Order และรับเงินมัดจำ วันที่ 25 พฤษภาคม

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