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1) Villains SF for Halloween 2012!

Dear readers,

As we all know, Halloween is coming up very soon this year and Villains SF knows it's on everyone's minds! So to help you brainstorm some potential Halloween costumes that are major and fashion forward we have created a list of some classic and some very now ideas for you to have your pick and be fabulous this October 31st. We will be posting 3 entries with different themed costumes for you to check out. 
Our first themed costume ideas are CELEBRITIES! We have created a list of the hottest celebrities of the year for both men and women to be this Halloween!


Everyone wishes they were a famous celebrity, and Halloween is the perfect time to suit up and be who ever you wish to be most! Here are some of the hottest celebrities and some classics for you to imitate.

1. LADY GAGA- Mother Monster is one of our generation's most iconic stars and her look is not as hard to achieve as you might think!

Almost every single look Lady Gaga has been seen in is iconic and can be imitated for Halloween.
Whether it be the meat-dress, Kermit jacket, Hello Kitty gown or others, the secret is to have no rules and get as wacky as you can to get Gaga's signature look!

Pair with the most outrageous shoes you can find, such as:
Nokea by Jeffrey Campbell
Shadow Stud by Jeffrey Campbell
Zombie by Jeffrey Campbell

2. SNOOKI- She is one of those celebrities who is admittedly a guilty pleasure for millions!
To get her Jersey Shore look just go for the tightest and skimpiest mini-dress that flaunts all the goodies (animal print preferred), the bee-hive hairstyle and some high heels that give you a big lift! And don't forget the self tanner and bronzer!!!

Style with some sky scraping heels:
Corleone by Jeffrey Campbell
Snooki has actually worn this very pair of shoes!
Kylie by Jeffrey Campbell
Ledesma Spike by Jeffrey Campbell

3. NICKI MINAJ- Her colorful looks are fun and her assets are undeniable! 
Nicki Minaj is not scared to flash colors, every color in the rainbow as a matter of fact! And feel free to get as wacky and fresh as you can get!

Style with outrageously bright shoes:
Fonda by Jeffrey Campbell
Foxy Color Block by Jeffrey Campbell
Vicious by Jeffrey Campbell

4. JUSTIN BIEBER- The "Baby" heart throb will be a male costume favorite for this year without a doubt!
For JB's cool look get your baggy jeans on with a big gold chain, a plain T and a statement jacket or vest. Top the look with dark wayfarers and a trucker hat.

Complete the look with some cool kicks:
Dust Man by Villains SF
Triumph by Villains SF
Alva Hi by Jeffrey Campbell

5. PSY- Potentially this year's biggest male costume trend, get your "Gangnam Style" on!
PSY's "Gangnam Style" is all about the classic and dapper gentleman rocking some kick-ass modern moves. Suit up for this fun look! Wear either a black suit or a pastel toned dinner jacket with some dark sunglasses to perfect this Korean sensation look!

Complete the look with some classic shoe silhouettes:
Time Off by Villains SF
Fifth by Villains SF
Lyon by Villains SF

Did you find any cool ideas you liked? Come back tomorrow to get our next themed list of hot costume ideas for Halloween 2012!