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วันพฤหัสบดีที่ 11 ตุลาคม พ.ศ. 2555

Thailand's got FASHION!!! (5)

Dear readers and beloved customers,

It's been a much anticipated return of our favorite entry, which shows off the fabulous fashions and looks created by our dearest customers that proves that Thailand's got some serious fashion sense. Be prepared, because you are about to witness some style that can seriously compete with trends seen in fashion capitals such as Paris, New York and Tokyo. So let's just get right into it...

To start off our collection of fierce fashion divas we have Chuu Chureeporn in FOXY glitter by Jeffrey Campbell and a super playful look! We adore it!

Brownsugar Zaa is rocking serious style in ELEGANT stud by Jeffrey Campbell
We love the cheeky top and the awesome tattoo!

Who said all black is depressing? 
Netty-nEtzu Phueyo shows us a funky look in LITA spike that is so much fun and ultra cool!

Kaewalin Patipatwasin looks very cute and very neat in this preppy look with BEEBEE in cat tapestry by Jeffrey Campbell.

Miss Panida Onsri displays fashion perfection with HENRY skull by Jeffrey Campbell that we love so much!

Nooaow Thasawan shows us sunny and chic fashion in VIRGO tick by Jeffrey Campbell, who said you can't wear high shoes on the beach? A real fashionista never neglects to dress up from head to toe!

Kung Demontiny is flaunting her black and gold, superstar style in CELEB by Villains SF!

Sugarapple Isme is rocking military and studs, this hot look features STINGER by Jeffrey Campbell in black leather with dangerous spikes!

Very casual and very cool, Pank Wanalee is rocking this tie-dye oversized T with HOMG nude by Jeffrey Campbell!

We hope that our collection of images helps brighten your week, visit us soon for another update on Thailand's top fashionistas and the fabulous customers of Villains SF!

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