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3) Villains SF for Halloween 2012!

As we all know, Halloween is coming up very soon this year and Villains SF knows it's on everyone's minds! So to help you brainstorm some potential Halloween costumes that are major and fashion forward we have created a list of some classic and some very now ideas for you to have your pick and be fabulous this October 31st. We will be posting 3 entries with different themed costumes for you to check out. 
The third and final themed costume ideas for the ladies are RANDOM IDEAS! This themed list is perfect for the last minute Halloween goers who need to find something easy and urgent to be for the parties!

This list will save you from a Halloween tragedy of not being dressed up and looking totally lame for the best event of the year!

1. BARBIE- Every girl's favorite toy growing up, we wished we were her and this Halloween we could totally be her! If you can convince someone to go as your Ken that would be absolutely perfect!
Barbie has thousands of looks and styles, which gives you freedom to choose whether you prefer to go as classic Barbie, Malibu Barbie, slumber party Barbie or whatever you like! Looking shiny and plastic with perfect makeup is the key to achieving the perfect Barbie look.

Complete look with glossy, plastic looking shoes:
Audrey-2 by Jeffrey Campbell
Boop D Do by Jeffrey Campbell
Runway by Villains SF

2. BIRD- A beautiful bird is also a metaphor for a beautiful woman, so why not embrace it and just go as a bird this Halloween? If your going to a dance party it would be the perfect costume to shake your tail feather to!
Find as many feathers as you can and attach them all over your body, or if you have some feather garments from previous seasons pull them out to create your costume!

Wear with feathered shoes:
Birdy by Villains SF
Birdy by Villains SF

3. EQUESTRIAN- An easy and groomed costume idea for Halloween, the equestrian look is classic and sophisticated. It is almost the perfect last minute throw together idea for all you last minute costume party go-ers (and a great excuse to carry a whip around)!
The equestrian look is achievable with skinny trousers, a dress shirt, waistcoat, blazer (red, navy, forest green), helmet, whip and of course; riding boots.

Complete your costume with knee high riding boots:
Patrice by Sam Edelman
Patrice by Sam Edelman

4. SKELETON- Considering the fact that Halloween is the scare day of the year some of us might be looking for something a little more freaky to be. The skeleton costume is not only a cool scare costume, but also a shortcut for those who want those instant diets, LOL!
Seek skeletal printed clothing at costume shops anywhere, it is one of the most common and easy to find looks! Follow makeup tutorials for skeleton costumes and voila!
HOMG Skelaton

5. ATHLETE- Definitely the easiest costume to throw together last minute, the athlete costume is something we can all fish up from our wardrobes! 
If you are really lazy and cant be bothered to prepare too much for the Halloween celebration you will be attending, the least you can do is go as your favorite athlete. We are positive that you will own a jersey of your favorite sports player and all you have to do is wear it! No makeup, no extras needed unless you want to!

Pair costume with some cool sneakers:
Napoles by Jeffrey Campbell
Amazing by Jeffrey Campbell
Billie Spike by Jeffrey Campbell

6. GLADIATOR- Dressing up as a Roman gladiator is always great fun because you feel strong, sexy and deadly. The costume is also not that difficult, depending on how elaborate you want to get.
You will need a metallic costume like the one shown above, or for the easy solution grab a white bedsheet and create a short toga. Finish the look with armor accessories as well as a shield and sword, then you are ready for battle!

Perfect the costume with gladiator sandals:
Romana by Jeffrey Campbell
Friendship by Villains SF
Roque Gold by Jeffrey Campbell

We hope you enjoyed our ideas! Have a very spooky Halloween, and see you again with more costume ideas next year!