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2) Villains SF for Halloween 2012!

As we all know, Halloween is coming up very soon this year and Villains SF knows it's on everyone's minds! So to help you brainstorm some potential Halloween costumes that are major and fashion forward we have created a list of some classic and some very now ideas for you to have your pick and be fabulous this October 31st. We will be posting 3 entries with different themed costumes for you to check out. 
The second themed costume ideas are from different ICONIC ERAS! We have created a list of the hottest periodic symbols for both men and women to be this Halloween!


Sometimes we wish that we were from a different era, a time when things seemed more glamorous and exciting. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to go back in time and be from your favorite era!

1. PUNK- This badass era emerged in the 70s to 80s in Britain and the United States. It is a subculture that is intriguing due to the darkness and boldness that is embodied by members of that society.

This bold and brash style can be achieved through layering of tough materials such as leather, plaid, distressed denim and studded details. The mohawk hairstyle is a must for punk rockers, and the higher it is the better.

Style with similar material shoes:
Damsel by Jeffrey Campbell
Lockness by Jeffrey Campbell
8th Street by Jeffrey Campbell

Star by Jeffrey Campbell
Fluer by Jeffrey Campbell
Say Hi by Jeffrey Campbell

2. WILD WEST- Save a horse, ride a cowboy. This era is sexy for its rough edge and danger. Whether you prefer to be a cowboy or an indian, we have some ideas for you!
Cowboys and Indians both have distinct looks. For the Indian costumer wear natural toned suedes with lots of fringe and beads and don't forget the feathered headpieces. The cowboy look is easier to accomplish with a Western shirt, jeans, cowboy hat and of course, cowboy boots!

Complete looks with correct footwear:
Presley by Jeffrey Campbell
Rumi by Jeffrey Campbell
Hemet by Jeffrey Campbell

Kenya by Villains SF
Paradise by Villains SF
Tazz by Villains SF

3. DISCO DIVA- The disco era is one of the most flamboyant of them all, which is why it is so fun! An the best part is that this era comes with its very own dance moves!
For the disco look just go for colorful, flared, shiny and out there items reminiscent of the fabulous 70s. Dont be afraid to get wacky because disco is all about making a statement and having fun!

Pair with funky platforms:
Skalite by Jeffrey Campbell
Night Walk by Jeffrey Campbell
Brazen by Jeffrey Campbell

4. CLASSIC GENTLEMAN- Guys, if you are looking to charm the ladies this Halloween then this costume is for you. The dapper gentleman is hard to resist for good looks and a charming attitude.
The classic gentleman wears a full suit, sleek hair and a perfect hat. This look will have the ladies going wild for that clean and classic style.

Style with polished and classic dress shoes:
Oxford-2 by Villains SF
Plaza by Villains SF
Bubble by Villains SF

Did you find any cool ideas you liked? Come back tomorrow to get our next themed list of hot costume ideas for Halloween 2012!