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Selena Gomez Inspired Fashion

Selena Gomez's concert in Bangkok, Thailand last week was absolutely incredible! The talented singer has been the front runner for decades, and her music style is just getting better and better. However, the fashion taste of Ms. Gomez has also drawn an attention to Villains SF lately. Despite the wow costumes on the stage, she seems to be pretty laid back in her daily style. From the gladiator shoes to the sneakers, Selena has been one of our favorite superstars like the all-in-1 package in the industry. Those long legs are the real deal and we think she is capable of matching the shoes perfectly with the outfits.

The red coat matched with the black heels is such a perfect look for a day out in London. However, those ripped jeans with the mustard boots are one of Villains SF's faves too! Thanks to Pinterest, we were able to find a lot of fashion inspiration from her. In fact, the more we see her photos, the more we are obsessed...There are both combinations of chill out flair with the serious fashionista blood inside of this singer. Have you watched the latest music video 'Hands To Myself'? Who would have thought the Disney star would transform completely to be the whole new person. Among these 3 looks, the middle one would be the selection for the music festival we prefer. Look at that dress and oxford shoes! They were such a great pair for a day out of Selena. Besides, we love the fact that she wore those hippie sunglasses matching with the color of the dress.

Lady in black is very attractive, and we think Selena pulled off the look so well. Though, the bright red trench coat seemed to fit her style very well, black from top-to-toe is what we have always looked for. If you are more into the cool street style, then the 2nd one can be one of the greatest options?.. The trendy band tee is very trendy right now, and this is the reason why you shouldn't miss it.

Whis look is your favorite?

*All of the images courtesy to Pinterest*