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How to Mix& Match Kat Von D with Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

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Matte lipstick has been the topic among the girls who love fashion and makeup. There are a lot of brands providing this type of lipstick, though one of our favorites is Kat Von D. We stopped at Sephora the other day, and the colors we tried on were so pretty! Some might say that it is a bit hard to combine these shades with the outfit of the day because they are so unique, and somehow distinguished! However, here at Villains SF, we do think that matching Kat Von D lipsticks with our Jeffrey Campbell selections are very easy and COOL! How to have fun with the shoes and lipsticks altogether? Here are some of a few tips we would recommend.

Lip swatch photo credit here

Blue is such a happy color. Despite of the individuality of the pigment, this shade can absolutely be matched with some pairs of Jeffrey Campbell heels. Either Freja Dark Blue or Lilli Blue Floral, it looks great with this color 100%

Lip swatch photo credit here

When nude is such a popular color since the launch of Kylie Lip Kit, why not pairing with the nude heels? Allow-Clear Natural Clear is one of the best sellers here at Villains SF, and it can literally match with any shades of lipsticks. With the lace details above the ankles, these beauts are more than just an ordinary type of chunky heels. 

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Wanna go grunge for a day? We are obsessed with this black lippy from Kat Von D. Literally, it is one of the wicked witch colors we have always wanted. To go with the coolest street style, Catcher- WG Black Box is here! 

Lip swatch photo credit here

Purple lipstick is something we can't resist! Matching that chic color with the colorful heels is the right we we would suggest. 

Which shade is your fave?