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Introduce Bernie Mev Thailand

 Comfortable Shoes  - Bernie Mev Thailand

The ultimate comfort shoes are here at Villains SF. The brand new footwear that suits your everyday lifestyle. Though, its originality is at The Big Apple, the hand-woven signature of the brand has spread throughout the Asia recently. From USA, to the UK and now in Thailand, Bernie Mev is the true perfection for every style. Why Bernie Mev? Here are some of the reasons why we cannot live without a pair of these comfortable shoes. 

100% of comfortness with the memory foam cushioned footbed

We love Jeffrey Campbell, the extreme designed fashion footwear, which looks so spicy on a red carpet (looking so darn cool on the street too!) However, we believe that every girl out there must have at least one pair of the comfort shoes in the shoedrobe. You know, our feet also need to take the rest from the heels too. Apart from trainers or sneakers, we think that Bernie Mev is one of the right choices for those who are looking for the light-weighted pairs. Constructed from the stretchy woven, Bernie Mev has a lot to offer! Do you know that Bernie Mev has chosen a memory foam to be their gimmick? Yes, they do and that's why their footgear is so bomb! The memory foam cushioned footbed supports the weight and every step moved.

Odor& bacteria resistance

Are you worried about the unpleasant smell of the shoes? No more trouble! Bernie Mev has fused the latest technology in the modern design. Odor and bacteria resistance is another gimmick, which makes the brand stand out from the others. Living in Asia, where the temperature is increasing in the Summer? Don't worry, sweat can do nothing to the shoes. 

Flexible runner shoes

No trainers, no worry. Bernie Mev also provides the 'runner' range for every woman who loves working out and keep fit. With the flexibility of the elastic woven, as well as, the memory foam cushioned, the footwear can be another alternative running shoe. 

Have you ever heard about Bernie Mev before?