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Forever Fierce: FOXY

We're sure all Jeffrey Campbell lovers have heard of the fabulous FOXY style that has become one of the brand's signature pieces due to the fact that these shoes look good with anything you style them with, the endless variety in color/prints/material and the ability to wear them for any occasion ranging from casual to party.

Since we know how far the fashion population love goes for these distinct shoes, Villains SF is always sure to bring new styles adding more variety in prints/colors/materials to offer for our FOXY lovers!

Today we bring to you two cool/casual looks featuring our hottest new FOXY models! Since we are going into summer we decided to bring some color into the mix so here you are:
Foxy Blue Black & Foxy Fuchsia!

Foxy Blue Black

Foxy Blue Black by villainssf

FOXY Blue Black is perfect for the edgy fashionista who likes to dress in bold styles and trends without a fear of what others have to say about it. At the end of the day the haters will hate and you know you don't care because either way you are the fiercest diva around town!

Foxy Fuchsia

Foxy Fuchsia by villainssf

FOXY Fuchsia is a brilliant addition to creating a versatile summer wardrobe and these shoes are loved by perfect ladies as well as the funky divas. You will find yourself wanting to wear these shoes for every look going from day to night, because you know how long they make your legs look, and isn't figure flaunting the whole point of a summer wardrobe?

Whether you are a new lover of FOXY or if you have an entire collection of many prior models of the shoes you better get shopping for these versions NOW before its too late, because time and fashion waits for no woman!

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